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Best Audio Winner Reboot DevelopRED
Best Sound Design Finalist GANG Awards
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Chel is the composer and sound designer for Flippflys' game, Whisker Squadron: Survivor. Not only is she a kickass composer and sound designer, but she's become a super enthusiastic member of our team and a major promotor of our work on her own social media. I highly recommend hiring Chel!

Aaron San Filippo | Flippfly, Owner and Creative Director

Chel is, without a doubt, one of the most talented and hardworking people I've had the pleasure to work with in the gaming industry. We've worked together on She Dreams Elsewhere for nearly a year now, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that the game truly reached new heights with her contributions to its sound design.

Her spirit, drive, and sheer quality of work cannot be overstated, and I couldn't be happier to work with such an amazing friend on this project. If you're looking for any audio work, make no mistake - Chel Wong is the one for you!


Davionne Gooden | Studio Zevere, Creative Director

Gwen Frey linkedin.jpg

I hired Chel to compose for my game. Little did I know they would first play the game in its entirety multiple times, then pitch several elegant song ideas, and then request to play the game again after their music was integrated just to make sure that it fit perfectly.

Chel isn't just a musician. Chel is a passionate gamer and game developer. They understands that music is just part of the experience, a piece of a composition that is the entire game, and they was a pleasure to work with. I will be hiring them again very soon!

Gwen Frey | Chump Squad, CEO

Chel is a rare talent; her command of melody and charm is something not often encountered (and highly coveted!). She delivers quickly, and with razor sharp understanding of what is needed to make the game sound awesome. I was a fan of hers before we contracted her, and can’t wait to work again!


Adam Gubman | Moonwalk Audio, Lead Composer

GFunk Linkedin.jpg

Chel is a force whose compositions dazzle with a versatility of styles. My pleasure in directing her through numerous compositions for two mobile games has been in experiencing how she adapts an unusual range of inspirational sources while balancing a sonic throughline of her own design to musically maintain overarching creative themes. Whether quickly turning around work in a week or taking her time to research more conceptually complex work to get it just right, Chel’s determination and expertise shines through in her dedication to composing the catchiest of bops.

Giuliana Funkhauser | Zelgor Games, Creative Director

Chel designed music for BostonFIG as we moved to online/streaming for our 2020 year due to COVID-19. They were easy to work with, and nailed exactly what I was looking for on the first pass! I've known them for years due to their participation and leadership in the Boston-area games community, and they're always an incredible supporter of other creators and proponent of sharing their creative knowledge and talents. They're fun and easy to work with and would be a blessing to have on any team or project!

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Caro Murphy | BostonFIG, CEO

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In January of 2021 I was the project lead for a 10-day game called Dangers in the Motor Vortex. On this project, Chel was responsible for everything related to sound, which was chiefly comprised of musical composition but included some sound design. As our solo sound department, she was my direct report on this project.

Chel was an absolute joy to work with, produced high-quality music and sound that elevated the entire project, and delivered everything with immaculate punctuality and professionalism. I would work with Chel again in a heartbeat and recommend her without hesitation or qualification.

Jake Vander Ende | Game Developer (Project Lead on DMV)

We hired Chel to create a new intro for our podcast and simply loved the result! Despite the pitiful amount of guidance we could give her, she knew how to build a track that fits our podcast perfectly and kept us in the loop the whole way. We would absolutely hire Chel again when we need more audio work!

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Jay Powell | The Powell Group, CEO

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Chel managed to take my wide array of desired feelings and synthesize them into a wonderful main theme and alternate version. She included subtle homages to the references I provided and gave the songs an appropriately nostalgic yet fresh feel. I was impressed by the depth of subtle elements on the tracks, which complimented the main elements of each of the other tracks. This is the second time I have hired Chel because her music is so listenable for looping game music, and hopefully it will not be the last. 

Nic Barkdull | Game Developer

Chel composed and produced high quality music for various themed levels. She was always quick with her production and never missed the mark. She has a talent in creating a unique tone for these virtual environments.

Julia Fairbrother | Zelgor Games, Sound Designer

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Chel's music is pretty dope and fits the theme of the games perfectly. Their themes have a varied range of styles too. They're also been a great help on the creative and marketing side and is really easy to communicate with.

"Deaymon" | Blue Jackalope Games, Game Developer

Chel composes high quality video game-themed music at a prompt speed, and produces good music in a variety of styles. I highly recommend them for your music needs.

Brian Liu | Hardly Working Games, Co-Founder

Brian Linkedin.jpg


"The entire game is accompanied by a light jazz score that builds in complexity as players progress. [...] Kine looks and sounds fun. That’s an underappreciated but key component to a good puzzle game. A charming atmosphere is key to that, and Kine nails it."


"The compulsive, looping jazz soundtrack kept me returning, though, driving me forward onto the next puzzle grid of musical gymnastics with its percussive momentum."


"The jazzy soundtrack is nothing short of magical"


"Kine is a story about living musical instruments, so the soundtrack should be excellent. And it is. I found myself humming a few tunes when the game wasn’t even on. The soundtrack is integrated in ways that players might not even realize."


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